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These were all originally built on top of the code from David Brackeen's book Developing Games in Java. It's a great book and I highly recommend it. But I am now converting the games to the Slick game framwork. Somewhere in Time II is the simplest, Tokenz has a few more features and Dyspraxia has a lot more features and customization. The level editor is mostly from scratch.

Slick version links


Slick version webstart

Somewhere in Time

Slick version webstart

Old version links


Dyspraxia 0.2.8 (5 MB)
Dyspraxia 0.2.8 webstart
Screenshot of talking to an NPC.

Screenshot of interacting with a vendor.

Screenshot of level editor.

Somewhere in Time II

This is based on characters and settings from the book series The Misadventures of M.A.D.S.

Somewhere in Time II (9 MB)


This is based on the Tokenz trading cards. Basically, it's the same game as above but with some different character graphics and a couple other features.

(7 MB)